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Kris Brownlee is no stranger to creating great entertaining music. He is a graduate of Manchester University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Performance and Psychology. This 24-year veteran has worked with some of the finest musicians in the world, including Grammy Award Winner Michael Broening (producer) and  Emmy Award Winner The Bergamot (music group).

Kris has also worked with Mindi Abair, Grace Kelly, Dave Bennett, Jonathan Fritzen, Jazmin Ghent, Cindy Bradley, Carol Albert, Gabriel and Eddie Severn, Victor Haskins, Argentinean vocalist Gabriela Anders, and many more. 

First emerging on the scene in 2001 as the front-man for his then group, The Grooveside, Kris quickly setup a weekly performance residency in Chicago that allowed him to sharpen his contemporary sound.

Although best known for his versatile skills on saxophone, he is equally comfortable in his studio as a film composer and producer. In 2019 Kris traveled to Seattle, Washington for half a month to study under Emmy Award Winning Film Composer, Hummie Mann at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program.  Kris believes that a film score is the "secret sauce" or "glue" that holds a motion picture together. Without it, films would be less exciting, scary, suspenseful, and less romantic. Underscoring a film should enhance the mood of the scene and draw audiences further inside the world of the motion picture.
Kris has been signed under Megawave Records since 2012 and enjoys regular radio airplay where one of his singles, “Solstice”, landed at #3 on U.K. Smooth Jazz Charts. His albums have also climbed their way to #9 on Amazon’s Smooth Jazz Charts and have become one of Amazon's "recommended" purchases. 
In 2013, Kris also signed with Aizen Mouthpieces of Japan to become one of the very few American-Endorsed Artists with Aizen.
Kris is always looking for new ways to set himself apart from the crowd. Whether it’s though his all out dance party-like shows or through his unique compositions, Kris Brownlee will take music/movie fans on a journey that they won’t soon forget.
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